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Bummer. (Products That Disappointed)

I thought I would begin this page where we could all share products, especially beauty and anti-aging products, that we've tried and found disappointing.  Things we bought and tried that just really didn't meet our expectations and the advertising hype.

Let's share these products here and maybe we can help spare someone else some disappointment and, more importantly, some money.  What's a product that disappointed you?

Revlon Age Defying Instant Firming Face Primer.  Boy, they really put a lot of expectation into that product name. "Age Defying", "Instant", "Firming"..... what's not to like?  Well, I didn't like any of it, because it didn't defy age, nor firm my face, and there wasn't anything "instant" about it.  I bought this stuff to (I hoped) use as a 'filler' to fill in the crow's feet and lines on my forehead (pre-Botox days) before I put on my makeup.  Kind of like filling in cracks in a wall before painting.  But, nothing really happened.  At first, I thought I must not be putting on enough, so I really plastered the stuff on good, sometimes putting on two coats, but just nothing.  I didn't have any breakouts or anything bad, but I definitely didn't get any "priming" out of it.  Save your money, I say.

Avon Lotus Shield Frizz Control -- supposed to make my dry, curly hair shiny and frizz-free. Didn't happen. Smells great - very flowery, I was afraid I would attract bees. But, no real shine for me.

Avon Anew Mascara + Serum -- I actually have a love-hate with this stuff. It has made both my 'disappoint' and 'recommend' list, and here's why. The mascara is the disappoint. It's just 'thin', doesn't add much to my lashes (my old, thinning lashes). However, the serum is a very nice lash conditioner. Conditioning our lashes is very important as we age. Mine have been steadily dwindling in length and number over the last few years. This is a good lash conditioner.

My next disappointment is Clairol Perfect 10 Haircolor & Shine.  I'm all about saving time, so the "10-minute" pitch was appealing.  I've used home haircolor for years, so I wasn't afraid to give it a try.  Well, let's just say I've had better pay-offs in 10 minutes in my life.  This stuff did nothing.  It was like I hadn't put it on.  No root coverage (promised).  No color (promised).  No shine (promised).  I'm $6.99 poorer, that's about it.  Maybe my hair is just resistant to anything less than 'full-on' haircolor.  I don't know, but I'm "perfectly" at "10" on the disappointment scale.

Clark's Shoes.  I have tried to like these shoes.  Really, I have.  I know they are a good brand in terms of quality.  But, I've bought more than one pair over the past few years and I just can't get happy with them.  It has nothing to do with quality, and everything to do with style.  Most of my shoes are pretty 'traditional'.  I'm on my feet and running around all day long at work, so I'm usually looking for functional, yet stylish, shoes.  OK, so I'm thinking Clark's can give me that.  But, not so much.  They are just too 'orthopedic' looking. The edges are 'rounded', the soles look too 'safe', and the leather is just 'too smooth', to the point of looking fake.  I'm sorry, Clark's, I just can't. 


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