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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Botox Diary, Day 5

Ok, I know, it's only Day 5 and the doctor said it could take up to 2 weeks to see optimal results from the Botox injections in my forehead, BUT

I'm getting a little worried here.  I'm just not seeing much improvement yet. Take a look at my latest pic.  What do you think?  Don't be too 'nice' --- do you see any improvement from my "Pre-Botox" photo (in an earlier post, here's the link)?

Maybe you just wanna say, "Settle down, Allie. It's too early to tell".

Or, maybe you still think I'm out of my (fore)head for even doing this.....

Let me have it ---   (thanks)



  1. :))) I won't say : "Settle down, Allie. It's too early to tell", but I can say that after the botox Toronto treatment I did last month I needed 10 days to see the result of my treatment. And after 5 days I was scared too, because I couldn't see any improvement, but when I called my doctor he told me the same thing like yours....As I listen to any professional advice I waited and like I told you, after another 5 days my result was the one I expected.

  2. I've tried to compare your pre-Botox and day 5 photo. Well, on the day 5, I can still see fine lines in your forehead, but I noticed that it was lighter than before. Well, during procedures like this, you just have to be patient with the results. As long as you went to a reliable doctor, you're assured that the results will satisfy you.